How to Choose Your Paint Palette

Choosing which paint colour palette you want for your room is more difficult than many may imagine. There are so many things to consider such as what type of flooring you have, the kind of light you have coming into the room, how much space etc. These kinds of points matter because dark rooms won’t benefit from the use of dark colours, much like small rooms won’t either. You need to consider your options and choose carefully.

Interior Decorators

Painting a room can complete change the look of it and give it a new lease of life. It’s easy to become bored of your living space especially if it doesn’t show your personality.

Experienced interior decorators found a great article on choosing your paint palette in your home, the simple and easy way. So if you have some spare time, we’d through;y recommend grabbing some tester pots and experimenting with different colour ways to give your home a fresh new look for summer.

Firstly Dulux advise on choosing colours that remind you of a happy memory, so maybe the seaside, or walks in the countryside, colours that remind you of the outdoors. This is a great way of making your room look fresh and bright.

Another popular trick interior decorators recommend, that you may want to consider is an accent wall, this involves painting one wall a bolder or brighter colour, while keeping the rest of the room quite neutral. We think this particularly works well if you have a small room.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to paint your room to your hearts content, for one reason or another, for example if you live in a rented property. If this is the case, you could always try painting your accessories instead, such as photo frames, or wooden chairs, this can help bring colour into a bare room, especially if the walls are a simple colour such as white or magnolia, which is often found in rented properties.

Take a look at some more tips from Dulux by reading the full article right here:

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