Protective Coatings & Site Touch Ups

At Williams Professional we provide a rapid and hassle free approach to quoting for on-site touch ups, full protective & or cosmetic finishes & Marine protective coatings. We have a specialist team which is fully experienced and qualified in protective coatings & able to achieve the high level of service & finish that is expected by our .

Steel and Intumescent


We offer a comprehensive service specializing in the application of intumescent paints & sealer coats covering domestic, commercial and industrial areas of steel work & only use the highest quality materials as specified by each project we undertake. We will visit site or price from drawings to meet all your requirements & to ensure the highest possible finish is achieved that meets the required architectural DFT fire rating.


How intumescent painting works:

are designed to expand when exposed to high levels of heat. This expansion retards the transfer of heat, giving up to 30 minutes to four hours protection during a fire and greatly reducing the immediate impact of fire spread, heat damage. In structural steel this retardant quality helps to maintain the building’s load bearing abilities so preventing short term collapse or distortion.

Call our team at our Derby office today, for further details of our service or to get a quotation for your protective coatings, site touch ups or intumescent needs.